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Katherine O'Neill

Intern Scholar

Katherine O'Neill headshot

Katherine is currently pursuing a BA in International Relations from Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California. She also studies French and Arabic. She spent a semester in Amman, Jordan studying Arabic and Geopolitics in the Middle East. She has been recognized for her research on the impact of gender quotas on the role of women in the Mexican government. Katherine has also published an article on the role of education in female labor force participation in Morocco.

Katherine's academic interests include female labor force participation, democratic participation, sustainable agriculture, and rural development. She is writing a year-long senior thesis on the origins and effects of gender quotas for women in government in different countries. As an Intern Scholar at the Oakland Institute, Katherine will explore the impact of land titling programs on local and Indigenous smallholder farms that currently use traditional land tenure and stewardship systems.