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Janhavi Mittal

Janhavi Mittal photo

With a Master's degree from the University of Delhi, Janhavi is a recipient of the King's College London Overseas Research Scholarship which enables her to complete her dissertation on the ‘Literary Planetarity of J.M.Coetzee's Fiction’. A literature and cultural studies scholar, Janhavi's research interests and forthcoming publications and public talks have focused on cultural narratives around biogenetic capitalism, as well as, on inventive interdisciplinary approaches to the African Anthropocene. Janhavi is particularly interested in comparative cultural expressions of subaltern agroecological movements—particularly around climate change in South Asia and Southern Africa.

Janhavi is passionate about the micro-politics of student movements and the political importance of a public education system. Consequently, she has worked as the editor of Delhi University's largest independent student newspaper, as well as a student representative for English PEN during the course of her graduate studies.