Ashwin Parulkar


Ashwin Parulkar, a Fellow at the Oakland Institute, writes on hunger and the right to food in India, where he is currently a research scholar at the New Delhi based think tank, the Centre for Equity Studies. He works with fellow colleagues on projects that involve field-based research in the poorest communities in India on a range of issues pertaining to social and economic exclusion. Currently, he and a colleague are looking into the plight of migrant Muslims in a slum located in the city of Jaipur. Some of these people have had their citizenship and access to basic services, such as the public food distribution system, revoked by the state government after the May 2008 terrorist attack in that city. Other work includes investigations into government responses to reported starvation deaths in rural communities throughout hunger-prone states of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh.

He is a contributor to the Wall Street Journal and has written on foreign land acquisitions in Africa for the World Policy Journal. In 2010-2011, he was the South Asia Analyst for Freedom House's Freedom in the World Report, where he wrote on the status of civil and political rights in Bhutan, India, Indian Kashmir, and Nepal. He has served as a consultant and researcher for numerous international human rights and development organizations, including the International Food Policy Research Institute, UNICEF, ActionAid India, the International Service for Human Rights, and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

He completed an MA in international relations and an MFA in creative writing from Syracuse University as well as a BS from Case Western Reserve University.