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Alice Martin-Prével

Alice Martin-Prével has authored several reports, briefs, and opinion pieces at the Oakland Institute. Her report Willful Blindness, How World Bank’s Country Rankings Impoverish Smallholder Farmers provided the landmark research supporting the Our Land, Our Business campaign. Other publications include Unfolding Truth: Dismantling the World Bank’s Myths on Agriculture and Development (Oakland Institute 2014), and New Name, Same Game: World Bank’s Enabling the Business of Agriculture (Oakland Institute 2015).

Alice previously worked at the Research Institute for Development in France, where she studied public health issues. She also interned at Paris’ High Court (Tribunal de Grande Instance) in the Crime Against Humanity section, where she wrote contextual dossiers on post-conflict countries. Alice has a Masters in International Public Management from Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs. Her undergraduate curriculum at Sciences Po explored social and environmental issues in Latin America, where she spent a year doing a research project in Valparaiso, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina.