Intern Scholars

2018 Intern Scholars

Paola Langer

Paola LangerTrained as a sociologist, Paola has spent the last 3 years conducting critical evaluations of Chilean public programs that address inequality in different dimensions, such as pension, pay gaps, access to health and housing, and protection of women under the law. She has also taught historical sociology, introductory sociological theory, and introductory social methodology as adjunct instructor at Chilean University for over five years.

Motivated by the belief that public policy must be informed by evidence-based research in order to create more efficient, effective and ethically responsible programs, Paola is interested in studying social inequality from a global and environmental perspective. During her time at the Oakland Institute, she is interested in studying how the economic development paradigm propagated by International Institutions such as the World Bank in the developing world affect people’s livelihoods and daily well-being.

Hana Bracale

Hana Bracale PortraitHana Bracale is an undergraduate at College of the Atlantic (COA) where she majors in Human Ecology and studies a range of issues at the intersection of economy, society, and environment, with a particular focus on Food Systems and Climate Change.

Hana is actively engaged in campaigning for progressive issues, policies and candidates, working within her academic institutions and municipal government to implement sustainable practices locally, as a communications staffer on progressive state and federal election campaigns, and as an organizer and activist for climate justice at the grassroots and within international policy spheres. As an Intern Scholar at the Oakland Institute, Hana is particularly interested in considering the relative impact different methodological approaches, such as research-based advocacy or innovative business initiatives, might have in manifesting a more just and sustainable food system.

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