Intern Scholars

2017 Intern Scholars

Josephin Robinette

Josephine RobinetteJosephin Robinette is currently pursuing an MA in Global Studies organized jointly by the University of Freiburg, the University of Cape Town and Chulalongkorn University with a focus on political science and sociology. She has written on human rights in regard to migration and discrimination of LGBTQI, the international refugee regime, changes of the World Bank development discourse from the 1980s until the 2000s and land rights in Madagascar.

Josephin is interested in the links between international institutions, actions of governments, and policy formation and implementation. She sees policy making structures as the starting points in order to change social and economic inequalities, security issues and environmental degradation. Therefore, providing incontestable information to base future actions and policies on, is what Josephin is looking forward to during her time at the Oakland Institute.

Paola Langer

Paola LangerTrained as a sociologist, Paola has spent the last 3 years conducting critical evaluations of Chilean public programs that address inequality in different dimensions, such as pension, pay gaps, access to health and housing, and protection of women under the law. She has also taught historical sociology, introductory sociological theory, and introductory social methodology as adjunct instructor at Chilean University for over five years.

Motivated by the belief that public policy must be informed by evidence-based research in order to create more efficient, effective and ethically responsible programs, Paola is interested in studying social inequality from a global and environmental perspective. During her time at the Oakland Institute, she is interested in studying how the economic development paradigm propagated by International Institutions such as the World Bank in the developing world affect people’s livelihoods and daily well-being.

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