Intern Scholars

2016 Intern Scholars

Kevin Hull

Kevin Hull is a graduate of San José State University, where he created his own major in order to study music and global development in tandem. Since then, he has worked for a ballet company, an online education startup, and a music school in the Himalayas, and is constantly seeking ways to bridge the arts with development and social justice.

In his work at the Oakland Institute, Kevin will be exploring land rights, and the ways that powerful corporations and governments can undermine not just security and prosperity, but also traditional values and lifestyles. He hopes that his research and advocacy can help preserve the richness and diversity of human societies around the world.

Sasha Kramer

Sasha is pursuing a BA in Environmental Studies with a minor in International and Global Studies at Portland State University. Sasha writes for two student-run newspapers at her University on politics of international aid and development and global environmental issues. She intends to continue her academic career into graduate school.

Sasha's academic interests are in cultural and political geography, international relations, development and globalization. She is passionate about human rights, land rights, political and food-based social movements and Latin American history. As an Intern Scholar at Oakland Institute, Sasha hopes to expose the human rights violations associated with land grab schemes perpetuated by multinational corporations.

Anna Peare

Anna Peare is a recent graduate of UC Davis where she studied Community and Regional Development and Spanish. Her senior honors thesis examined the issue of Central American unaccompanied child migration to the United States, specifically focusing on mental health implications on children. She intends to continue her academic career in graduate school and to receive a Masters in Public Health.