Sierra Leone

Cacao 'bio' en Sierra Leone

En Sierra Leone, les agriculteurs de Kailahun et de Kenema organisent des coopératives de producteurs de commerce équitable pour commercialiser à l’export le cacao certifié bio.

Organic Cocoa in Sierra Leone

Location: Kailahun and Kenema Districts

Small-scale, resource-poor farmers organize fair trade grower cooperatives to market certified organic cocoa exports from post-war Sierra Leone.

Land Campaigners Criticise World Bank Doing Business and Benchmarking of the Business of Agriculture in Africa

As a promoter and financer of large-scale land investments in agriculture, the World Bank Group has been accused by campaigners on land rights issues as key driver of land grabbing in the developing world.

Two foreigners shot at land protest at Socfin plantation in Pujehun, Sierra Leone

Eleven people have been arrested for the shooting of one Belgian, and one Zimbabwean worker at a palm oil plantation in Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District, in Southern Sierra Leone. Reuters reports that shots were fired from a haunting rifle as landowners attacked a vehicle carrying the two workers. Both victims have been treated for non-fatal injuries.

Documentation for African Land Ltd

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African Land Brochures and Advertisements

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We Harvest--You Profit: African Land Ltd's Land Deal in Sierra Leone

From rising food prices to growing demand for biofuel, the current obsession for agricultural land borders on speculative mania as private companies, hedge funds, private equity funds, and sovereign wealth funds join the land rush looking for lucrative deals in the developing world. An estimated 500 million acres, an area about ten times the size of Britain, has been bought or leased in the developing world in the last decade. The social, economic, and environmental impacts of this trend have been extensively researched and made public by the Oakland Institute.