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African land rights activists face local persecution and international complicity.

There is a rush—for land and water—and you have these so called 'investors' charging in, corrupting local officials, and all of this supported by the development paradigm promoted by donor countries and institutions such as the World Bank. It is seen as making yourself attractive to foreign investors. And whoever gets in the way has to be criminalized and put in jail.

Protection de la biodiversité et des agro-systèmes traditionnels en Éthiopie

Dans les Hauts-plateaux de Gamo, au Sud de l’Ethiopie, l’agriculture traditionnelle basée sur l’ensète est pratiquée depuis des siècles, permettant aux agriculteurs de faire face aux variations de leur environnement et rendant la région exceptionnellement résistante à l’insécurité alimentaire. Enraciné dans la biodiversité, l’agro-système traditionnel des Hauts-plateaux de Gamo est un modèle de durabilité et de résilience.

Sweet Potato to Fight Vitamin A Deficiency and Reduce Malnutrition

Location: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia

Orange-fleshed sweet potato varieties are poorly disseminated in Africa, but several important research-based initiatives are producing the crop and encouraging consumption to reduce undernourishment, especially Vitamin A Deficiency.

Low External Inputs Technologies and Biodiversity in Ethiopia

Location: Tigray, Ethiopia

A low external input approach has been successfully promoted in Tigray to improve local food security, restore soil fertility and reduce reliance on chemical fertilizer inputs. Farmers, researchers, and agricultural experts worked together to devise a system based on local inputs,biological diversity, and ecosystem services; this collaboration restored communities’ control and effective management of natural resources.

Protecting Biodiversity and Traditional Agro-systems in Ethiopia

Location: Gamo Highlands, Southern Ethiopia

In the Gamo Highlands, traditional enset-based agriculture has been practiced for centuries, allowing farmers to cope with variable environments and making the region uniquely resistant to food insecurity. Rooted in biodiversity, Gamo Highlands’ traditional agro-system is a model of sustainability and resilience.

Letter to World Bank President Urging Action for Omot Agwa Okwoy

Dr. Jim Yong Kim
World Bank Group
1818 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20433

Cc: Mr. Makhtar Diop, Vice President for Africa
Mr. Guang Z. Chen, Country Director for Ethiopia
Mr. Gonzalo Castro De La Mata, Inspection Panel Chairman

Cut the noise. Here's what Ethiopia says about #IndiaAfrica

As the biggest ever India-Africa Summit gets underway, the drumbeat of the historical trading ties with Africa and a shared history of struggle against colonial rule is being rolled out under the euphemism of South-South cooperation.

Ethiopia: World Bank Translator, Activists Face Trial

For Immediate Release

Activists Heading for Food Workshop Charged with Terrorism


Nairobi – Ethiopian authorities should immediately drop all charges and release a former World Bank translator and two other local activists charged under Ethiopia’s repressive anti-terrorism law after trying to attend a workshop on food security in Nairobi, six international development and human rights groups said today. 

In Ethiopia, a Quiet Rivalry for Influence Pits US against China

Addis Ababa: When Barack Obama became the first sitting President of the United States to touch down in Ethiopia’s capital on Sunday evening, it was at an airport being upgraded using a $250-million Chinese loan.

His convoy then zipped along a six-lane urban expressway, also funded by the Export-Import Bank of China, to Meskel Square, where the two lines of a new Chinese-built electric railway intersect. Towering over the capital’s southwest, he may have spotted the headquarters of the African Union, a $200 million giveaway from China’s leaders.