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Ukraine under the illegal oligarch rule has now accepted GMO seeds: the rape of Ukraine has begun

This article was written by Engdahl of global research, they are currently offline suffering a denial of service attack most likely by the CIA. GMO seeds have already caused massive bee die-offs in America now they are poisoning Ukraine as well. Monsanto is also believed to have bought Blackwater the mercenary army believed to have been used by America to overthrow the government of Yanukovich.

Alternative News: Ukraine

Au nom de Monsanto : Des cultures OGM pour l’Ukraine, grenier de l’Europe

Finalement, un aspect secondaire de la crise ukrainienne commence à recevoir une attention internationale. Le 28 juillet, l’Institut Oakland, basé en Californie, a publié un rapport révélant que la Banque mondiale et le Fonds monétaire international (FMI), selon les termes de leur prêt de $17 milliards à l’Ukraine, ouvriraient ce pays aux cultures génétiquement modifiées (GM), ainsi qu’aux OGM dans l’agriculture. Le rapport est intitulévu de l’Ouest : la Banque mondiale et le FMI en Ukraine [1].

Monsanto in Ukraine: IMF loan for Ukraine may give GMO giant a backdoor into EU

Ukraine’s bid for closer ties with the west could come at a cost. With the IMF set to loan the country $17 billion, the deal could also see GMO crops grown in some of the most fertile lands on the continent, warns Frederic Mousseau.

Land Grabbing im Brotkorb Europas

Wissenschaftler warnen vor weiteren Strukturanpassungsmaßnehmen nach Kreditfreigaben

Während die internationale Öffentlichkeit sich auf die politische Krise in der Ukraine fokussiert, treibt die dortige Regierung eine Reihe von Reformen voran. Aktivisten sind alarmiert.

Europe’s breadbasket up for grabs?

Amidst an exodus of some 100,000 people from the conflict-torn eastern Ukraine, ongoing fighting in the urban strongholds of Donetsk and Luhansk between Ukrainian soldiers and separatist rebels, and talk of more sanctions against Russia, it is hard to focus on the more subtle changes taking place in this eastern European nation.

What Do the World Bank and IMF Have to Do with the Ukraine Conflict?

Mostly unreported as the Ukraine conflict captures headlines, international financing has played a significant role in the current situation there.

In late 2013, conflict between pro-European Union (EU) and pro-Russian Ukrainians escalated to violent levels, leading to the departure of President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014 and prompting the greatest East-West confrontation since the Cold War.

Martin Kirk and Frederic Mousseau: The hidden hands behind East-West tug of war in Ukraine

News from Brussels on July 28 and from Washington on July 29 that both the EU and US are stepping up sanctions on Russia have been met with a general "it's about time" from the world. Nobody outside Russia, it seems, has trouble roundly condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin for fuelling this terrible conflict, or approving of punitive western responses.

Agricultural Watch: Ukraine conflict about much more than politics

While the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine is dominated by geopolitical tussles between global role-players, it also impacts agriculture and global food security in more than one way.

The ongoing conflict in the Ukraine is primarily embedded in a political tussle between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus (the emerging Eurasian Economic Union) on the one hand and the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the other hand.