Land Rights

Avviser kritisk skog-rapport

Norske Green Resources refses i ny rapport om selskapets skogplantasjer i Uganda. Selskapet avviser kritikken og peker på at det er ugandiske myndigheter som legger rammene for virksomheten.


The darker side of green

New research unveiled today in Oslo debunks many of the popular claims that carbon trading represents a ‘win-win’ for rural communities and the environment. First hand accounts from Uganda reveal that some villagers have experienced forced evictions, restricted access to land and food, in addition to loss of livelihood – all in the name of international ‘green’ investment. 

Kaller norsk klimaskog «karbonvold»

Den amerikanske tankesmien Oakland Institute beskriver i en ny rapport problemer som skogsdriften til det norske selskapet Green Resources skaper for lokalbefolkningen i Uganda. Selskapet har kjøpt opp store landområder og planter skog for å få ned klimagassutslipp, for så å tjene penger ved å selge klimakvoter.

Rapporten forteller:

Pemeringkatan Bank Dunia Ditolak,  JAKARTA -  Sedikitnya 260 organisasi sipil global menolak pemeringkatan Doing Business 2015 yang diluncurkan Bank Dunia pada pekan ini terkait dengan semakin terpinggirkannya petani kecil dan masyarakat adat di pelbagai negara.

Doing Business ou les non-sens d’un classement

Par Amine Echikr 

De polémique en polémique, les auteurs du classement mondial tentent de justifier le bien-fondé de leur démarche. L’édition 2015 du rapport Doing Business n’y échappera pas. Mécontente de son rang, la Chine avait tapé du poing sur la table fin 2012 et exigé la suppression pure et simple d’un classement qui risquait, selon elle, de «ruiner la réputation» de la Banque. D’autres voix avaient simplement pointé d’importantes failles méthodologiques. 

Dark Green? Green Resources CEO responds to Oakland Institute's new report

Fremtiden i vare hender, Spire and Utviklingsfondet is arranging a ‘mini-seminar’ about Green Resources’ Ugandan operation in Oslo on 4 November without inviting Green Resources. Green Resources is Africa’s leading reforestation company, having established more than 40,000 ha of plantation forests. We are a commercial forestry company that has sequestrated millions of CO2e, and created large environmental and social co-benefits. It is ironic that less than a week after the publication of possibly the most serious report ever to be publish on the negative effects of climate change by IPCC, Fremtiden i vare hender and Utviklingsfondet chose to attack what may be East Africa’s most successful private effort to combat climate change.

Engineering Ethnic Conflict: The Toll of Ethiopia's Plantation Development on Suri People

Recently dubbed “Africa’s Lion” (in allusion to the discourse around “Asian Tigers”), Ethiopia is celebrated for its steady economic growth, including a growing number of millionaires compared to other African nations. However, as documented in previous research by the Oakland Institute, the Ethiopian government’s “development strategy,” is founded on its policy of leasing millions of hectares (ha) of land to foreign investors. Implementation of this strategy involves human rights violations including coerced displacement, political repression, and neglect of local livelihoods, and places foreign and political interests above the rights and needs of local populations, especially ethnic groups who have historically been marginalized and neglected by the government.