Land Rights

Socfin, Multinazionale della Deforestazione

Vi è mai capitato di vedere un’aiuola circondata da filo spinato e invasa da improvvisati contadini? È quello che è successo la scorsa settimana a Bruxelles quando un gruppo di attivisti armati di rastrelli ha organizzato un’azione di protesta davanti alla sede della compagnia belgo-lussemburghese Socfin.

Little Hope for Displaced Sri Lankans to Have Land Returned

Niranjani Roland and Asanka Fernando, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Punchirala Somasiri feels helpless whenever his oldest child asks for extra money to buy things for school. Most of the time he has to borrow money from a friend to give to his child.

Somasiri was a successful farmer until a group of men forced him and his family off their land in Ampara district in southeast Sri Lanka in 2010.

Putting a Halt to the Great Timber Heist in Papua New Guinea

Frederic Mousseau

In a new report released last month, The Great Timber Heist: The Logging Industry in Papua New Guinea, the Oakland Institute exposed massive tax evasion and financial misreporting by foreign logging companies, allegedly resulting in the nonpayment of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Action on Behalf of Indigenous Land Rights Leader in Ethiopia

Image of Mr. Okello Akway Ochalla

Mr. Okello Akway Ochalla is a Norwegian citizen who was kidnapped in South Sudan and renditioned to Ethiopia in March 2014. Charged as a terrorist—his crime is defending indigenous land rights—he has languished in jail for nearly two years. Mr. Okello is an Anuak leader from Gambella, which has been a key target for forced relocations and land grabbing by the Ethiopian Government.

The Great Land Rush - Ethiopia: The Billionaire's Farm

Tom Burgis, Images by Charlie Bibby

As an orchestra of mosquitoes and crickets greeted the dusk, Bedlu Abera looked out over fields of rice stretching across the Ethiopian lowlands towards the horizon. A flicker of contentment crossed his face. “It’s satisfying,” he said. “We are making progress.”

Contact Your Member of Congress to Sign a Letter Urging President Obama to Help Free Okello Akway Ochalla

Okello Akway Ochalla

Congressman Keith Ellison is gathering support from his fellow Representatives to sign a letter urging President Obama to help use his influence to free Okello Akway Ochalla.

To support this effort, please reach out to your member of congress to ask him or her to sign the letter. To find your representative, go to the House website and enter your zip code:


Liberté de la Presse : le Groupe Bolloré Peut-il Museler les Journalistes ?

Pascal Hérard

Le procès des journalistes de Bastamag et Rue89 s'est ouvert jeudi. Ils sont attaqués en justice par le groupe industriel Bolloré pour diffamation. Un article sur l'accaparement des terres en Afrique et en Asie est en cause.

Procès Bolloré Contre Bastamag: "On Veut Instrumentaliser Votre Justice!"

Paul Conge

Procès Bolloré Contre Bastamag: "On Veut Instrumentaliser Votre Justice!"

L'industriel a traîné Bastamag et neuf journalistes et blogueurs en justice pour un article qui l'accuse d'accaparer des terres en Afrique. Bolloré tente-t-il de "museler" la presse?

Udržiavaním Vojnového Konfliktu Prekrývajú Masívnu Korprátnu Rabovačku Najkvalitnejšej Pôdy Na Svete

Ivan David

Zatiaľ, čo ukrajinská vláda okázalo bojuje s rusko-jazyčnou opozíciou o ovládnutie smiešnych 2% územia, milióny hektárov ukrajinskej pôdy rýchlo a v tichosti prechádzajú do rúk zahraničných korporácií. Podľa pracovníkov kalifornského Oakland Institute sa odhaduje, že dnes je pod kontrolou zahraničných spoločností (prevažne amerických) už cca 2.200.000 ha ukrajinskej pôdy.

Tax Evasion Leaves PNG Out of Pocket

Papua New Guinea is losing out on hundreds of millions of much needed dollars because of a complex web of tax evasion by overseas logging companies.

A new report from the US-based research group, The Oakland Institute, exposes massive tax evasion and financial reporting by logging companies mainly operating on the controversial Special Agricultural Business Leases.