Land Rights

Em Nome do Desenvolvimento, Povos e Ecossistemas São Arrasados

Paris, França e Oakland, Estados Unidos, maio/2015 – Nosso compromisso a favor do acesso e controle dos recursos naturais, no Greenpeace e no Oakland Institute, faz com que nos acusem constantemente de atuar contra o desenvolvimento, ou que nos tachem de “organizações do primeiro mundo que se ocupam mais com árvores do que com seres humanos”, apesar de trabalharmos com comunidades em todo o mundo, da China a Camarões ou República Checa.

The UNHRC Report – Would Delhi Minus the Sectarian/Raw Act Now on Ending Sri Lanka Genocide

This author has written a series of blogs that describes how the involvement of Delhi is becoming a necessity with the Sinhala leaders of all persuasions over the past years nurtured a flourishing genocide culture that initially began as common mob violence around the country. This culture used monstrous and brutal instruments of oppression on the Tamils to produce the most horrifying 18/19 May, Mullivaykkal, the White flag massacres and also a silent war through ‘military occupation of Tamil land to systematically suppress Tamil culture and history’.

President’s Political Will Raises Concerns

A US based policy think tank says the recent appointment of Major General Jagath Dias as the Army Chief of Staff, one of the armed forces' highest positions, despite the fact that the 57th division under his command was implicated in serious human rights abuses, rebuts government pledges to credibly investigate alleged war crimes through a domestic accountability mechanism.

උතුරේ සෑම සිවිල් වැසියන් හය දෙනෙකුටම එක් හමුදා සෙබළෙක්

මේදක්වාත් රට තුළම අවතැන් වී, හමුදා අණසක හා අධිපතිවාදී සිංහල බෞද්ධ බහුතරයේ දරුණු වෙනස්කම් යටතේ දිවිගෙවන  දහස් ගණනක් දෙමළ ජනතාවට එරෙහිව නිහඬ යුද්ධයක් දිගින් දිගටම ක්‍රියාත්මක වන බව ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ මානව හිමිකම් තත්ත්වය පිළිබද ස්වාධීන විමර්ෂණ වාර්තාවක් ඉදිරිපත් කරන කීර්තිමත් බුද්ධි මණ්ඩලයක් කියා සිටියි.

"Honderdduizenden Sri Lankanen Wachten Nog Op Gerechtigheid"

Zes jaar na de burgeroorlog kampen veel Tamils in Sri Lanka nog steeds met de onopgehelderde verdwijning van familieleden, opsluiting, ontheemding en extreme armoede. Dat belemmert hen om de draad van hun leven weer op te pikken, schrijft de Amerikaanse denktank Oakland Institute in een nieuw rapport.

The Oakland Think Tank Report on Sri Lanka--The Long Shadow of War

The Oakland Institute-USA, an independent policy think tank has released a report on Sri Lanka stating, that six years after the war, a silent war continues under a different guise. This report, The Long Shadow of War – The Struggle for Justice in Postwar Sri Lanka authored by Anuradha Mittal, is based on research and fieldwork conducted between January 2014 and April 2015 by the Oakland Institute, which states on its website that they are bringing fresh ideas and bold action to the most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues.

The Blight of Militarisation

Maithripala Sirisena’s victory over Mahinda Rajapaksa in the Sri Lankan presidential elections in January 2015 was enabled by massive support from minorities in the country — the Tamils and Muslims. Clearly, the mandate was not just for a more accountable and democratic government that would reverse the creeping authoritarianism and family rule heralded by Mr. Rajapaksa, but also for addressing systemic issues that had gripped, and continues to nettle, Sri Lankan society. Chief among them is the issue of militarisation.

l’Armée Résiste à la Transition !

C’était une première depuis six ans : le 18 mai, à Mullivaikkal, dans le nord du Sri Lanka, des Tamouls ont rendu hommage aux victimes du massacre de 2009, perpétré par l’armée dans les derniers jours de la guerre civile. Maithripala Sirisena, le président élu en janvier, a autorisé la tenue d’un service interreligieux, ce que son prédécesseur, Mahinda Rajapakse, avait toujours refusé.

FIFA Corruption and the Civil War in Sri Lanka

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We discuss the latest on the FIFA corruption scandal with a panel of experts and an Oakland Institute report on the Sri Lankan civil war with Anuradha Mittal.