Land Rights

Linke: Ukraine-Krieg wird für Land-Transfer an Oligarchen und West-Fonds missbraucht

Der Konflikt in der Ukraine wird nach Ansicht von Bundestagsabgeordneten für einen massiven Transfer von Land an Konzerne und Firmen missbraucht, die von internationalen Großbanken finanziert werden. Dazu gehöre unter anderem die Bankengruppe KfW, teilte Birgit Bock-Luna, Chefin des Büros des Abgeordneten Niema Movassat, RIA Novosti mit.

Ucrania, en la mira de las corporaciones occidentales

En esta columna Frédéric Mousseau, director de Política del Oakland Institute, escribe que la presencia de las empresas occidentales en Ucrania se expandido en estos últimos años, particularmente en el sector agrícola, en coincidencia con el mayor conflicto Este-Oeste que se combate desde el fin de la Guerra Fría. Ucrania es el tercer exportador mundial de maíz, el quinto exportador mundial de trigo, y tiene 32 millones de hectáreas de tierra cultivable, equivalentes a un tercio del total de la tierra productiva de la Unión Europea.

Por Frederic Mousseau

Éthiopie : Forte croissance économique sur fond de violations massives des droits de l’homme

L’économie de l’Ethiopie connaît depuis 2002 une forte croissance économique de l’ordre de 8 à 10% par an selon les sources. Le capitalisme d’Etat éthiopien longtemps dirigiste s’est ouvert timidement à l’économie de marché au début des années 2000.

Scholar says comprehensive land policy that protects locals' rights the solution to land grabs in Africa

"Is ‘Land Policy’ the Solution to Land Grab in Africa?"

The debate over large scale land investments in Africa is shifting its focus away from the disastrous impact of land grabs on the social fabric of the communities to the need for African governments to deal with citizens’ outrage over land expropriation by developing a ‘land policy’...

Groups Urge the U.S. to Phase Out the World Bank Business Indicators

Oakland, CA – Though it largely controls the institution, the US Government refuses to take action on World Bank programs that have adverse consequences on human rights, land rights, and social and environmental standards.

Last November, 2014, eleven US-based organizations wrote to the US Alternate Executive Director of the World Bank, Ms. Sara Aviel, urging her to take action in order to phase out the Bank's Doing Business and Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture (now called Enabling the Business of Agriculture) projects.

Monsanto’s Shares Surge as its Drive to Force GM Crops into India Gathers Pace

It was a case of Modi mania when Narendra Modi and his BJP ‘swept’ to power in last year’s Indian general election. It was however hardly the sweeping endorsement from the voters that much of the corporate media liked to portray it as. The BJP might have took 282 of the 543 seats in the Lok Sabha, but it ‘swept’ to power on only 31 percent of the vote.

Open Letter from Anuak Ethiopian Refugees to the President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim

Dear Mr. President,

We are the Requesters, Anuak refugees and asylum seekers based in Kenya (Dadaab, Kakuma and Nairobi) and South Sudan (Gorom), who submitted a complaint to the World Bank Inspection Panel in September 2012. We have written to you twice before but we have never received a response. This is our final appeal and we pray that this time our voice will be heard.

Snatch That Bread! Ukraine Might End Up Feeding Europe Instead Of Itself

Ukraine is experiencing a corporate takeover of its agriculture, according to the Oakland Institute. Western corporations are taking advantage of current foreign policies while no one is looking. Frederick Mousseau, Policy Director at the Oakland Institute, has made a detailed study of this.

Nachrichtenmosaik Ukraine Folge 131

Ukraine Gesammelte Nachrichten und Informationen zu den Ereignissen in der Ukraine und deren Hintergründen, ohne Gewähr und Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit und fast ohne Kommentar

Ein Nutzerbeitrag von Hans Springstein