Land Rights

Rock Star Bob Geldof Spearheads U.S. Private-Equity Push Into Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia—A generation ago, this African nation was a magnet for Western charity. Today, some of America’s richest deal makers are delivering something new: investment.

A number of high-profile investors have recently shown up here. KKR & Co., the New York-based private-equity firm, last summer bought control of a rose farm, Afriflora, for about $200 million, its first investment in Africa. Blackstone Group plans to build a $1.35 billion pipeline to bring gasoline to the capital, Addis Ababa. Hedge-fund manager Paul Tudor Jones is backing a $2 billion geothermal power project.

Ukraine: Grüne Gentechnik durch die Hintertür?

Die neue Führung sucht Investoren. Mit Krediten aus dem Westen könnte aber auch eine agropolitische Wende in Richtung Agro-Gentechnik stattfinden

Mit mehr als 30 Millionen Hektar Agrarfläche und fruchtbarem Schwarzboden ist die Ukraine höchst attraktiv für das Agro-Business. Ukrainische und internationale Agrar-Holdings pachten seit etlichen Jahren Land zu niedrigen Preisen. NGOs sprechen von Landgrabbing.

World Bank's confab on land & poverty is a sham - CSOs

Farmer organisations, indigenous groups, trade unions and other civil society organisations, under the umbrella of “our land our business”, has called the World Bank's Annual Conference on land and poverty a sham.

Every spring for the last fifteen years, the World Bank has organised the “Conference on Land and Poverty,” which brings together corporations, governments and civil society groups. The aim is ostensibly to discuss how to “improve land governance.”

World Bank's Conference on Land & Poverty is a Cruel Farce

On Monday the World Bank's Conference on Land and Poverty begins in the US. But farmer organizations, indigenous groups, trade unions and others denounce the whole exercise as a sham that, in tandem with other Bank initiatives, is all about accelerating corporate land grabs and robbing the poor that the Bank was founded to assist.

Civil Society Denounces World Bank's Conference on Land and Poverty

Oakland, CA - Every spring for the last fifteen years, the World Bank has organized the "Conference onLand and Poverty," which brings together corporations, governments and civil society groups. The aim is ostensibly to discuss how to "improve land governance."

Whereas the 16th conference will take place in Washington D.C. from March 23 to 27, hundreds of civilsociety organizations are denouncing the World Bank's role in global land grabs and its deceitful leadership on land issues.

Shafted: The winners and losers of Ukraine’s austerity agenda

On March 2, 2015, the Ukrainian government passed amendments to its 2015 budget that will cripple the economic well being of most Ukrainians, but satisfy the International Monetary Fund (IMF). At the cost of their pensions, tax increases, sky-rocketing energy bills, and a re-organized banking sector, Ukrainians are now poised to get an IMF-led bailout of up to $40 billion. These austerity measures will have a huge adverse impact – with inflation soaring, many citizens of Ukraine already face dwindling financial reserves. Increases in taxes, energy bills, and lost pensions, are enough to throw any family into financial turmoil.

These reforms also have vast implications for Ukraine’s agricultural sector.

Wettlauf um die ukrainische Schwarzerde

Für Frédéric Mousseau ist die Sache klar: Der Westen will an ukrainisches Land – und das ist nicht bloß eine Metapher. Mousseau ist Strategiedirektor des kalifornischen Oakland Instituts, eines auf Nahrungssicherheit und Klimathemen spezialisierten Think Tanks. In zwei Berichten haben er und seine Mitarbeiter dokumentiert, wie enorm das Interesse westlicher Konzerne an den Feldern der Ukraine ist.

Hedge funds and corporate raiders in Africa: Space invaders of the third kind

Recently, at a Journal Club meeting, we had occasion to read and critically analyse an excerpt from William Dalrymple's new book,The Anarchy: How a Corporation Replaced the Mughal Empire, 1756-1803. The book apparently is expected to be published next year (company-original-corporate-raiders).