Land Rights

Investor land deals exploiting Africa, report alleges

Reuters--Wealthy U.S. and European investors are accumulating large swaths of African agricultural lands in deals that have little accountability and give them greater control over food supply for the world's poor, according to a report released Wednesday.

Special Investigation Phase One: Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa

Read more about the Oakland Institute's ground-breaking research, which reveals previously unpublished details about land grabs across Africa.

Is ‘Land Policy’ the Solution to Land Grab in Africa?

The debate over large scale land investments in Africa is shifting its focus away from the disastrous impact of land grabs on the social fabric of the communities to the need for African governments to deal with citizens’ outrage over land expropriation by developing a ‘land policy’.

At the November 2014 Addis Ababa Land Policy Conference, officials from the United Nations, the African Union, and the African Development Bank called on African governments to implement the “Guiding Principles for Large Scale Land Based Investments in Africa,” (GPLSLI). Even the World Bank went so far as to consider “Integrating Land Governance into the Post-2015 Development Agenda” during its 2014 annual conference on Land and Poverty. New concepts of development have emerged out of these conferences including “empowering women through land tenure,” “land policy and development,” and “land policy as an opportunity for Africa’s structural transformation.” Although catchy, this new development vocabulary veils an attempt to institutionalize land grabs by foreign investors at the expense of local communities and farmers.

Langsameres Wachstum bei Gentech-Flächen setzt sich fort

Zu Beginn jedes Jahres veröffentlicht eine von der Industrie gesponserte NGO Zahlen zum weltweiten Anbau gentechnisch veränderter Pflanzen. Zum 19. Mal in Folge seien die Gentech-Flächen gewachsen, jubelt der „International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications“ (ISAAA). Was sie nicht sagt: die Wachstumsrate liegt, wie bereits im Vorjahr, deutlich unter den Werten von früher.

West's agri-giants snap up Ukraine

OAKLAND, United States - At the same time as the United States, Canada and the European Union announced a set of new sanctions against Russia in mid-December last year, Ukraine received US$350 million in US military aid, coming on top of a $1 billion aid package approved by the US Congress in March 2014. 

CPJ, Rights Groups Slam Dawit Kebede over Allegations

By Tamru Ayele

January 27, 2015

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Oakland Institute (OI) and Survival International (SI) have strongly rejected and condemned Dawit Kebede’s recent allegations against several global advocacy groups.  The groups said such an irresponsible and unsubstantiated allegation that has no factual basis is not expected of someone who claims to be a journalist committed to informing others.

OPINION: The Corporate Takeover of Ukrainian Agriculture

In this column, Frédéric Mousseau, Policy Director at the Oakland Institute, argues that the United States and the European Union are working hand in hand in a takeover of Ukrainian agriculture which – besides being a sign of Western governments’ involvement in the Ukraine conflict – is of dubious benefit for the country’s agriculture and farmers.

Monsanto in Ucraina, il pericolo OGM viene anche dall’est

La Monsanto ha aperto una sede in Ucraina. Il nuovo corso della politica ucraina ha steso il tappeto rosso per accogliere l’arrivo delle multinazionali americane del biotech. Prima del “cambio di mano” le politiche agricole erano totalmente diverse: la coltivazione degli OGM era vietata e la terra doveva rimanere in mani pubbliche.

Report Highlights Role Of Western Corporations In Ukrainian Agriculture

As Ukraine continues to suffer from constant fighting and turmoil, Western corporations like Monsanto or DuPont are entering into the country’s agriculture system for a “corporate takeover,” according to a report last month by the Oakland Institute.

UK Government Accused of Sponsoring Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia

A DEVELOPMENT project funded by the UK government and run by the World Bank could be facilitating a violent resettlement program in Ethiopia that has been dogged by allegations of forced displacement, physical assaults and rape, a leaked report suggests.