Land Rights

June 8, 2011
Reuters--Wealthy U.S. and European investors are accumulating large swaths of African agricultural lands in deals that have little accountability and give them greater control over food supply for the world's poor, according to a report released Wednesday.
July 15, 2011
Read more about the Oakland Institute's ground-breaking research, which reveals previously unpublished details about land grabs across Africa.
April 12, 2014
Experts and government officials from around the world have gathered at the World Bank in Washington, DC to chart a course to help lift the billion people who live on less than $1.25 a day out of extreme poverty within 15 years. 
April 10, 2014
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April 9, 2014
NEW DELHI: The World Bank has been accused of facilitating land grab in the garb of various ratings or ranking it does of countries such as the "ease of doing business" ranking and a new ranking system it is launching called "benchmarking the business of agriculture".
April 10, 2014
April 7, 2014
Launched in 2003, the World Bank’s annual Doing Business (DB) ranking system rates 189 countries on the “ease of doing business” within the country and pressures them to achieve higher rankings in subsequent reports by enacting neoliberal regulatory reforms.
April 3, 2014
Free market reforms are often heralded as helping to bring about prosperity, raise living standards and speed up development. The World Bank is the one of the biggest supporters of opening up or liberalizing economies with a system of rankings called the Doing Business index. But are the World Bank's reforms really about doing business? Not according to a new campaign led by the Oakland Institute think-tank.